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Downtown Art works with young artists and other community members to create original theater, music, and performance events. Through our art and collaborations, we seek to build a community of engagement, creativity, and mutual support.

We have been resident for more than two decades on East 4th Street between Second Avenue and Bowery. Neighborhood is central to our concept of community. We are involved in a wide range of community efforts and have created a series of original performances based on Lower East Side history.

We have a longstanding commitment to working with teens. Through our projects with them we have learned that:

  • The work of young artists can be powerful and renewing for the entire community.
  • Young artists can make work that is on a par with that of adults—work that is complex, thoughtful, resonant, and insightful.
  • Adults habitually underestimate the capacity of younger people.
  • To grow creatively, young people need serious creative challenges. To grow as community leaders, young people need both a community and opportunities to lead within it.
  • The creative and leadership contributions of young people to NYC are under recognized and under supported.
  • By demonstrating the capacity of the young artists in our company, Downtown Art demonstrates the potential in all young people.


Upcoming Events

For more information about events at this location, please check their website.

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