LES Stories is a public art chalking project to share memories of the Lower East Side on the city’s pavements.  This participatory event will help kick off the month’s celebrations on Sunday, May 7th & Monday, May 8th.

Last year, volunteers chalked over 200 locations with drawings, stories, and historical tidbits about local heroes, happenings, businesses, buildings, parks and more. We encourage anyone and everyone to sign up to participate and/or get more info HERE

LES Stories is inspired by Ruth Sergel’s public art project, CHALK, commemorating the 146 garment workers who lost their lives in the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.

Special thank you to Pushcart Coffee and Kossar’s Bakery & Deli for their generous breakfast donations!


LES STORIES – chalking the LES F.A.Q.s 

How do I participate?

Then on Friday May 5 or Saturday May 6

  • Attend Launch Breakfast (9:30am – 11:00am) at Downtown Art, 70 East 4th Street, to pick up chalk and assignment
  • Chalk bits of LES trivia on sidewalks over the 6-8 block area in your assignment (60-90 minutes)
  • Chalk ‘May is Lower East Side History Month!’ and #LES Stories
  • Photo, hashtag and post to social media with #LESstories

Who do I coordinate with?

What if I can’t make the Launch Breakfast?

  • No problem.  We’ll work with you by email to coordinate and you can purchase your own chalk.

Do I need to participate both Friday and Saturday?

  • NO.  Pick which date works best for your schedule.

What if I want to chalk in a particular area?

  • That’s fine.  Just let Ryan (ryan@downtownart.org) know where you want to chalk so she can steer others away from the blocks you’re covering.

What trivia should I chalk?

  • If you have trivia – personal or community history – you want to chalk, that’s fine. If not, Ryan can provide you with lots of fun bits of LES history.  Ask her to send you some.

Where do I get chalk?

  • You can pick up chalk at the Launch Breakfast.  Or you can purchase chalk – check the toy section of pharmacies, discount stores, or office supply stores.  Sidewalk chalk works best.

I don’t use hashtags and social media – but I can take photos.

  • Great.  Just email photos to Dakota or Deloris (marketing@fabnyc.org) and we’ll post them for you!

I only have a few minutes but would like to participate.  Is there anything I can do?

  • Yes.  Just chalk a piece of trivia at your own front door!  Or chalk ‘May is LES History Month’ once!  Just remember to let Ryan (ryan@downtownart.org) know so you can be added to our participants’ map!

LES Stories: 2016 Community Chalking Sites