May is Lower East Side History Month



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Tagline: Exploring our past, shaping our future.

Thanks for participating in Lower East Side History Month!
Here are ways you can help us bring visibility to the wide range of community events!


  • Like us on social media!
  • Post about us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, using the hashtags #LESMonth & #LESStories
  • Link to us on your website – include wherever your LESHM events are listed!
  • Include us in your e-blast – examples below



Boiler Plate Text when describing LES History Month:

Lower East Side History Month is an annual celebration of the rich and diverse history of the Lower East Side.   Each year in May, Lower East Side cultural and community groups, small businesses and residents create a variety of public events, exhibits, tours, and learning opportunities.  All events take place in the historical boundaries of the Lower East Side—which includes the East Village, Chinatown, Two Bridges and Loisaida.

Conceived and launched by LES-based cultural and community groups, LES History Month aims to connect our present to our past, exploring how our history can inform and inspire our future.

Link LES History Month on all your activities!

When creating your digital/print publicity materials (like eblasts or flyers, facebook events) and listings for your event(s), include the following:

[your event] is in celebration of Lower East Side History Month! See the full schedule of events at


The LESHM Page can be found at Please “Like” the page, and link to it in your Facebook postings. We also encourage you to create Facebook events for your LESHM programming and tag it to the LESHM page, and include in the event description “In celebration of Lower East Side History Month –

Sample Facebook post

The calendar for @LES History Month keeps growing and we’re so excited to be part of it! We’re hosting a _______ for two weekends in May and can’t wait to celebrate this outstanding community we call home with our friends and neighbors!

Don’t forget that May is @LESHistoryMonth! Thrilled to be a part of this massive celebration of the greatest neighborhood of NYC! #LESmonth #neighborhoodpride


Please tweet, retweet, and tweet some more about LES Stories, performances, tours, workshops, and exhibitions with the tags #LESmonth and #LESstories.

Sample Tweets:

We are participating in #LESmonth with @LESHistMonth this May! Join us:

How well do you know the neighborhood you live in? For the entire month of May, explore the #LES w us: #knowyourcity

Thrilled to present our new exhibit History of music in the #LES as part of #LESmonth this May! Full schedule:

My neighbor has lived in the neighborhood for years, always love his #LESstories about the block! #LESmonth

Celebrate the legacy of the #LowerEastSide and shape the future this May for #LESmonth:

We have been proud members of the #LES for XX years and can’t wait to celebrate this May for #LESmonth!



Post pictures, videos, or other media of LES History Month events using the hashtag #LESmonth and tag @LESHistMonth! Tag #LESstories for all chalking posts, as well as any related storytelling events.

Are you interested in doing a takeover? A takeover is a great opportunity to share your unique perspective of the neighborhood and the celebrations throughout the week! Get in touch with Deloris at



LES Stories: Chalking the LES Friday May 5 and Saturday May 6

  • LES Stories launches LES History Month by making history visible on the streets. The goal? To cover the entire Lower East Side with tidbits of local history using chalk. Organizations, schools, businesses, and individuals alike are enlisted to help chalk these trivia on the streets across two days.
  • Want to chalk either Friday or Saturday?  Sign up HERE.
  • Pick up chalk, assignment, and breakfast either Friday, May 5 and Saturday, May 6: 9:30-11:00AM at Downtown Art, 70 East 4th Street, NYC (between Bowery and Second Ave)
  • Can’t make it to Downtown Art?– contact Ryan ( and arrange to chalk independently
  • If you’re participating or come across some chalking, take a picture and post to Instagram and/or Twitter and tag with #LESstories
  • Keep going: All are encouraged to chalk drawings, stories, or bits of history in front of their places of work, play, and residence throughout the month. Be sure to Instagram it with #LESmonth and/or #LESstories
  • LES Stories is inspired by Ruth Sergel’s citywide public art project, CHALK, which remembers the 146 garment workers who lost their lives in the infamous 1911 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire.


LES Volunteer Fair: Saturday, May 20th 2017, time TBA

Venue: Manny Cantor Center

“I want to get involved to my community but I don’t know how!”

“How do I understand the needs of my neighborhood?”

“I have xx skills but I don’t know how it can be useful.”

Encountering these hesitations? Never fear, the LES Volunteer Fair is here! Volunteering with a neighborhood non-profit is an excellent way to understand your community better and contribute to the social fabric of the neighborhood. The LES Volunteer Fair is an opportunity to connect Lower East Side residents, both newcomers and seasoned dwellers, and other New Yorkers with organizations in the Lower East Side.  Resource-sharing at it’s best.

Tell your constituents about it!

Sample tweets:

We’ll be tabling at #LESmonth Volunteer Fair 05/20 at @MannyCantorNYC w @LESHistMonth (include photo)

Let’s strengthen this neighborhood & city together: come by @MannyCantorNYC 5/20 & explore the options

Want to give back to the #LowerEastSide? Come by to the #LES Volunteer Fair next Sat 05/20 at @MannyCantorNYC! #LESmonth


LES Community Hero Awards: Thursday, May 18th 2017

Nominated by Lower East Side History Month participants, the LES Community Hero Awards honor local residents and workers, who too often go unrecognized, for their contributions.  As a participating organization in LES History Month, this event is open to you.

You can help spread the word of these remarkable neighbors by sharing it on social media before, after, and during the event!

Pre-event Sample Tweet

We’ll be celebrating our #CommunityHeroes at @LESHistMonth! Glad to honor these unsung heroes! #LESmonth

Sample facebook post

The LES Community Hero Awards happen this Friday! We are so proud of this neighborhood and we are delighted to recognize the amazing individuals that make it what it is. Stay tuned on @LESHistMonth and (insert your org’s twitter handle) for live updates!