Haven on the Lower East Side – a brief history of University Settlement

This post is contributed by Karen Cohen, Senior Program Director for University Settlement’s Early Childhood Center. At the turn of the century, the Lower East Side was flooded with new immigrants living in poverty, nurturing a dream, and struggling to adapt to their new country. In this overcrowded urban neighborhood, University Settlement was established in … Read More

Celebrating Jane’s 100th in the Lower East Side

This post is a contribution by Charlie McCabe, Fellow at Jane Jacobs at 100. Jane Jacobs would have been 100 on June 4, 2016. Jane is a legendary figure in civic engagement circles, especially around preserving diverse urban neighborhoods. A self-taught journalist and activist, many of her ideas were distilled in the 1961 publication, The … Read More

Walking Tour Highlights 2016 – Part I

LES History Month has so many things to offer, we know it can be quite the challenge! Here is a round-up of some tours starting this weekend that will add to your LES experience: Two Bridges NeighborFood: Tour The Diverse Markets of Two Bridges & Chinatown Through a Local Lens – led by Two Bridges Neighborhood … Read More

LES Community Gardens Galore – How did we get here?

This article is written by Bill Di Paola, Claire Duvernet, Madeleine Crenshaw, team members of Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS). Today, we take advantage of all the sustainable benefits that New York City has to offer (parks, green ways, air quality), yet how many of us know about the grassroots activism and direction action … Read More

The Greek-Jewish Community in the LES

This blog post is contributed by Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue and Museum. Romaniote Jews, the indigenous Jews of Greece, have lived on Greek soil for over 2,300 years and have the distinction of the longest, continuous Jewish presence in the European Diaspora. They established communities throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, settling along the shores of the … Read More

Storytelling Highlights 2016

Unsurprisingly, stories and storytelling feature strongly in the events happening across the month. LES Stories invite participation from the neighborhood and wider NYC residents/visitors to engage in a more active (sometimes physical) way with the narratives that exist and continue to form in the Lower East Side. Empathy begins from the individual, and as passionate … Read More

Typewritten Tales: Tompkins Square

As May fast approaches, we are excited by the growing number of activities and interventions from participants. To usher in Lower East Side History Month, guest writer Barbara Henning shares with us her Typewritten Tale spurred from Tompkins Square Park. Typewritten Tales is a creative action organized by Sally Young and Anna Adler, inviting residents, … Read More

LES Stories – Chalking the LES returns! Kick off with us May 1 & 2

LES Stories: Chalking the LES returns! Kicking off LES History Month, May 1 & 2 sees volunteers, local organizations, and residents of all ages in chalking LES history, memories and trivia on the pavements of the LES. You can do your own thing or if you’re new and would like more guidance to chalk, email … Read More

Stories From This Year’s LESHM

Lower East Side History Month was a huge success. Not only did we see our diverse community represented in an array of street festivals; not only did we see the neighborhood history highlighted through walking tours, story-sharing events, and documentaries; but – most importantly – we saw residents, businesses, and organizations connect in incredible ways. … Read More